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The Finest in 1/56 Scale WW II Tanks, Vehicles, & 28mm Accessories


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  • We will be doing our best to keep Shayne's inventory at good levels so that acquiring Die Waffenkammer gear is easier for our friends down under.

  • Stay tuned for new releases as the year progresses.

Cheers !


  • New releases !

  • More new releases on the way !

Cheers !


  • New releases !

  • More new releases on the way !

Cheers !


  • Web store has been updated. Click on an image to view an enlarged image of that model.

Cheers !


  • After quite a long time 7 new releases !! British, U.S., and Russian.

  • More new releases on their way !

Cheers !


  • The M-26 Pershing Indiegogo campaign has been a resounding success, being 250% funded !
  • 3 new models have been added to the Great Britain and The Commonwealth web store. 3 versions of the Tetrarch Mk.VII light tank.

  • There are many purchase options including separate turrets and a build your own troop option.
  • The Great Britain and The Commonwealth web store has been expanded and revised.
  • A sneak peek of 2 new versions of the Staghound armoured car, the Mk.II and Mk.III have been added.

Cheers !


  • Coming soon ! A new range of vehicles. "After 45"


Cheers !


  • The Indiegogo Pershing campaign has gone over the top with 51 days remaining in the campaign. Any and all excess funds will be directed towards new master model commissions. Many new contribution perks have been added.

Cheers !


Cheers !


  • Imperial Japanese Daihatsu landing barge now available in the Imperial Japanese vehicle shop !
  • Don't forget that when you purchase any 3 vehicles you receive a 10% discount through our "Build Your Own Vehicle Deal".

Cheers !


  • Coming June 10th, 2013. The Japanese Daihatsu landing barge. A joint project with Company B. The Daihatsu Type A landing craft was found throughout the Pacific Islands. It ferried troops, supplies and vehicles. It was rated for 11 tons of supply, 70 fully equipped troops, the Izuzu truck, and the Type 89 Medium Tank. It was also used as a patrol craft. Armor plate provided protection for the driver and it could be modified to carry weapons of up to 37mm caliber.

  • Vehicles, Figures & Stowage not included. Shown for scale only. Master by Mike Broadbent.

Cheers !


  • Response to the "Build Your Own Vehicle Deal" has been great. To help me out please include "Build Your Own Vehicle Deal" in the instructions portion of your PayPal Order.

Cheers !


  • The "Build Your Own Vehicle Deal" has arrived ! Purchase 3 or more of ANY of the vehicles in the web store and receive a 10 % discount off the price of the purchase. Unfortunately the PayPal shopping cart can't process the discount automatically, so I will be refunding the discount manually.

  • New releases are on the way !

Cheers !


  • It appears that the M-26 Pershing tank Indiegogo project will not succeed. I'm therefore going the 100 Club route. For the master to be built I require the committment to purchase a minimum of 50 M-26 Pershing tank models. If you're interested in pledging and committing your support drop me a line at info@diewaffenkammer.com. I will be setting up a PayPal donation page over the next few days.

Cheers !


  • Great Britain and The Commonwealth webstore pages updated.
  • New pictures added to the painted vehicle gallery.



  • United States webstore page updated.


  • Russia and France webstore pages have been updated.


  • I have added page buttons to the bottom of the German Vehicle Shop pages to make navigation easier.
  • The gallery has been updated to a slide format, fewer pictures, but stunning examples.


  • I'm Back !

  • The website is getting a face lift !
  • The webstore is being updated !
  • No more clicking to see images of models!
  • A new gallery will be added shortly along with recon reports and on the workbench updates.
  • The new German Vehicle Shop is up and running !
  • Platoon sets are displayed in the same area as individual vehicles !
  • The remaining sections of the webstore are still in the old format but are in the process of being updated.

  • After a long lapse new releases !
  • A Crusader Mk.III cruiser tank for the British and a Steyr RSO with the early cab design for the Germans !
  • Both masters were created by the talented Mike Broadbent.

  • Watch for more new releases over the coming weeks !

Cheers !

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