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The Finest in 1/56-28mm Scale Resin WW II Tanks, Vehicles, & 28mm Accessories


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  • It's been a while so right to business !

  • Click images to enlarge.

  • That's all for now folks but more is coming !

  • Cheers !


  • Happy New Year, guys !

  • Let's start the New Year off right !

  • Click images to enlarge.

  • First up the A-41 Centurion Mk.II / Mk.III kit.

  • The Australian Centurion Mk.III / Mk.V kit. I have included side skirts for the Mk.III as I have found some pictures showing the skirts on some Australian Mk.III's. They were no doubt removed when entering service in Viet Nam. Yes there will be a .30 cal. mg for the cupola.

  • The Centurion Mk.V.

  • The Centurion AVRE.

  • Finally, if you like naval guns mounted on tanks, the FV4005 Stage II !

  • I might just cobble together a Canadian Centurion as well.

  • That's it for now but a great deal more is coming ! Did I hear someone say TOG 2 !!

  • Cheers !


  • It's been a while since anything new has hit the web store, but I've finally added something new to the Russian store.

  • More stuff is incoming, starting with a Löwe, which will be suitable for WWII and After 45.

Cheers !


  • It's been quite a few months since releasing anything new, but with all the casting I've been doing there's been time for little else, unfortunately.

  • To start, my U.K. and E.U. representative now has a dedicated web store for Die Waffenkammer and After 45 models. www.wargames.shop.

  • Now on to a small offering of new stuff. 2 models for the After 45 range. The first Russian vehicles arrive. To start, a BTR-40 scout car, mastered by Richard Humble. (Click images to enlarge)

  • A BTR-40A SPAAG. Again beautifully mastered by Richard Humble. (Click images to enlarge)

  • More new items will be available as soon as my casting schedule lightens up a bit.

  • Cheers !


  • It's been a few months since the last update and I'm happy to announce that both the Die Waffenkammer and After 45 ranges will now be available in the U.K. and E.U. through www.trainshop.co.uk. We will be building stock over the next few weeks to get them set up. If you have any requests feel free to contact them.

  • New models for both the Die Waffenkammer WWII range and After 45 range are coming !

  • Cheers !


  • It's been a few months but I'm finally back with some new stuff for the growing AFTER 45 range !

  • Now for what most of you have been waiting for ! German E series goodness !

  • WWII gamers and collectors will be getting a whole raft of new stuff very shortly !

  • That's it for now, I will be back with more !

  • Cheers !

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