Die Waffenkammer

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The Finest in 1/56 Scale Resin WWII Tanks, Vehicles, & 28mm Accessories.

Proudly Canadian owned and operated.

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  • It has been awhile since the last release. Today I am going to try something new. Times are a bit tough right now. The cost of materials is ever increasing.
  • So, I am going with an in-house kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to purchase the mould making supplies to get 3 new completed masters for the After 45 range into production.

  • Click image to enlarge.

  • Clicking the model description will take you to the Pre-Order Page which will allow you to order either a single model or a 3 model Zug, as per the usual web store set up.

  • All I can do is ask for your assistance with this endeavour. I have already started the preliminary work to set up the masters so they will be ready to have silicone poured over them and then be put into production as soon as the materials are purchased and arrive at my shop. Progress pictures of the mouldmaking process will be posted on the JTFM Enterprises Facebook page. You can also view more images of these 3 masters on the JTFM Enterprises Facebook page.

  • Cheers and thanks !


  • New to the web store today. 2 offerings for the British and Commonwealth vehicle shop.

(Click image to enlarge)

  • More to come. Cheers !


(Click image to enlarge)

  • Cheers !


  • If you are having issues viewing the new items in the web store press Ctrl F5 to do a hard refresh.


  • It's been quite a while.
  • 8 new vehicles and an accessory pack have been added to the web store.

  • Let's get to it !

  • WWII vehicle shop.

  • Germany. (Click image to enlarge)

  • New for the After 45 range.

  • Germany. (Click image to enlarge)

  • The United States. (Click image to enlarge)

  • More to come. Stay tuned and stay safe. Cheers !


  • After a long silence 2 new vehicles have been added to the web store.

  • More to come !

  • Stay safe and cheers !


  • More on the way !

  • Cheers !


  • After some neglect I have updated and cleaned up the web site. I hope that the web store will be easier to navigate now. Pages which were buried in the flyout menu have been made easier to find and all web store pages now have the same format.

  • New releases are on the way. I am still working !

  • Everyone stay safe and stay healthy !

  • Cheers !

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